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#4.17: The “Marketing With Music” Issue

1> Why Should I Buy A CD?
2> Boneheads: Use offline to drive them online
3> Bribe Them With Music: Sony Music Club
4> Check It Out: Eddie Bauer, Soul Man?

1> Why Should I Buy A CD?

Music marketers are always looking for new ways to fight piracy and get consumers to buy more CDs. Connecting CDs to the Internet does the trick. Record labels create special web pages with info for fans, rare music clips, and other benefits for the buyer of the CD. And the only way to get to the web page is with the original music CD in your computer. It’s a great example of using added value from the Internet to give consumers a real reason to buy the disc instead of downloading the songs for free. Of course, many of the CDs we’ve seen that use this technique forget to mention it on the outside wrapper.

THE LESSON: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Give consumers a reason to support your business instead of chasing them away.

2> Boneheads: Use offline to drive them online

KSAN Radio in San Francisco, home of the Boneheads, broadcasts constant promotions to get their radio listeners to sign up for their online club. Club members register on the web site to get email updates, invitations to private concerts, and other special perks. Most marketers forget about the huge number of offline contacts that they have with potential online customers. Instead of increasing your online marketing budget, try to focus on how to turn every offline contact into a request to do business online. Ask for email addresses when customers call in for help. Promote your web site on your product packaging. Get the whole company involved in turning offline contact into online relationships.

THE LESSON: Start the conversation in the real world.
Close the sale on the web.


3> Bribe Them With Music: Sony Music Club

We all hate to give up our personal information to marketers. Unless we are given a good reason. Bribe your customers and they’ll happily tell all. Sony uses the Sony Music Club to give you a good reason to give them the data they want. When you buy a CD player or MP3 player you are asked to register the product (which most people usually won’t bother to do). Sony bribes you with free membership in their Music Club, which gives you the opportunity to download free tracks from major musicians. Sony gets your registration data; you get free goodies. Plus, every time you do the free download you go back to their web site, where you might buy more music too.

THE LESSON: You can do better than “please send in your registration card.” A little gift goes a long way in modifying consumer behavior.

4> Check It Out: Eddie Bauer, Soul Man?

One of our favorite albums is “Eddie Bauer’s Legends of Soul.” Ever wonder where retailers get those great music mixes that they sell at the cash registers? Talk to the folks at Disc Marketing.


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