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#4.18: The “Put This On Every Page” Issue

The “Put This On Every Page” Issue

1> Encourage Evangelism On Every Page
2> Offer The Opt-In Wherever They Seek It
3> Let Them Know You Want To Hear From Them
4> Check It Out: One Horrible/Wonderful Domain Name

1> Encourage Evangelism On Every Page

The best time to turn someone into an evangelist for your product or service is when he or she is on your Web site. So let them spread the word while they’re excited by placing “Forward to a Friend” on every page to circulate your information. The referrer’s enthusiasm will get the recipient to your site, bringing you one step closer to closing a sale. For example, take a look at the links on (or any other news site). Every single article can be forwarded to a friend with just one click. Do this with your product pages and you’ll help your customers sell for you. If you don’t already have this capability, there are many free tools online that do a great job.

THE LESSON: Make it easy for people who are interested in your product to forward it to a potential customer. Put a “Forward to a Friend” button on every page.

2> Offer The Opt-In Wherever They Seek It

If you have a free newsletter, why are you keeping it a secret? Convenience is king. We suggest placing a newsletter subscription form on every page of your site, so that whenever the mood moves your visitors, they’ll easily find and complete the subscription form. Most sites limit their newsletter sign-up forms to one or two pages – the home page and the “Newsletters” page. Remember that not all traffic comes through the front door, so be ready wherever they may strike. Here’s a bonus tip: Some email publishers have had tremendous success placing their subscription forms at the top right or the top left of every page. Test the options and find what works best for you.

THE LESSON: Don’t hide the fact that you have a newsletter. Make it easy to subscribe by putting the button where your surfers are going to see it.

3> Let Them Know You Want To Hear From Them

Let your customers tell you what they’re thinking. Put a simple feedback form on your site that provides a vehicle for customers and prospects to comment, suggest, complain, or rant. Make it easy for them to communicate because sometimes they’re seeking additional information so that they can feel comfortable in making a purchase. A slight variant on feedback forms is a survey for data collection., a site serving the interests and needs of people aged 40-50, makes available the opportunity to chime in with opinions. In this case, the information can easily be turned into marketable data for current and potential advertisers.

THE LESSON: A feedback form is not only for feedback; it’s often a request for additional information, and if you can get it to them, you may just close the sale.

4> Check It Out: One Horrible/Wonderful Domain Name

Toilet paper, anyone?


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