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7-Election: Connecting your marketing to the news, the right way


Every election, 7-11 runs a great promotion: You can vote by choosing a soda cup for your your favorite candidate.

They give real-time stats, regional data, and even exclusive (silly) video coverage from The Onion.

This is quality marketing. It’s a reason for customers to get involved, to talk about the brand, to share it with their friends, and to keep them coming back.

Great word of mouth marketing requires one specific thing: A real reason to talk about your business. That takes more than a one-time goofy promo. This deep, well-thought-out program keeps the conversation about 7-11 going for months.

They also nailed a few other key elements:

  • Offline word of mouth: Those cups walking around are constant conversation-starters all over town.
  • Viral elements: Videos, graphics, and downloads that are perfect for sharing on blogs and social media.
  • Reasons to come back: Fresh stats turn a one-time campaign into many visits.
  • Localization: Detailed state-by-state data to keep it relevant.
  • Easy to share: The site is full of one-click sharing requests.

Visit the site.


7-11 election

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