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A cheap sample is better than a free sample

imageI love this offer from Paul Fredrick shirts: Get a custom dress shirt for $19.95. You chose the size, the collar, the cuffs.

Here’s why it’s a great offer:

  • They make great shirts (the most important thing in sampling). Tryers will love what they get.
  • The low price attracts prospects — and screens out freeloaders.
  • You can only get white at the sale price. Which generates interest in more shirts (at full price).
  • The promotion isn’t a money-loser.

This is a concept we call “paying prospects” — the tryers are still prospects, but they are paying for the privilege of being sold to.

P.S. Not too late for a holiday gift. Here’s the sale.

P.P.S. Disclosure: PF was a client years ago, and I’ve been wearing the shirts ever since.

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