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A gift to re-give

The folks at Maker’s Mark created yet another fantastic word of mouth moment with their holiday gift: Wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift cards.

Here’s why people are talking about it:

  1. It’s fun, unexpected, and buzzworthy.
  2. It’s useful. They sent a complete gift-wrapping kit, not a token gift you’ll toss out.
  3. It’s meant to be given away.  If you wrap 10 gifts, 10 people will ask you about Markers’ Mark. 
  4. It reaches many people. If you give those gifts at a party, everyone in the room will be talking about it.

Instead of creating a word of mouth stunt or sending a cheesy promotional item, think about how you can give your talker something to give their friends that will get a whole room talking.


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  1. flore Djinou February 3, 2009 at 4:05 am #

    Great post Andy. You and Greg Sielstra ( similar ideas with us when you (Andy) wrote about customizing business cards for our companies & clients taking example on what Flickr can help us do. Thanks for taking time to share your tips with us.
    P.S: Sent u a mail to talk about how eager Im to read ur last book on WOM marketing. See on one of ur post that u have review the cover page. That’s really cool! But I can’t get it online coz I don’t owe any cards. Hope u’ll find time to see what u can’t do for me.
    Have a nice buzzworthy day!

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