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A simple way to get shoppers to buy a little more

If they leave anything in their shopping cart, send a simple email a week later. Ask if they still want it and offer a discount.

Here’s an example from GoDaddy:

Dear Andy Sernovitz,

The last time you shopped at, you never completed your order and left the following items in your cart: _____

We’ve saved that order information for you… but only for a short time. Complete your order NOW and you’ll save an additional 10%!*
But hurry, this could be your LAST CHANCE to SAVE! To complete your order, simply enter source code xxxxxxx into your cart. Prefer to complete your order by phone? Then call 1-480-505-8821 and mention the source code to your representative.


Thanks, as always, for being a Go Daddy customer.

Bob Parsons
CEO and Founder

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