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A terrible sales strategy

You: Found a cool product and filled out a web form to get more information.

Salesperson: Emails you, asking to set up a phone call.

You: “I don’t even know what it costs or what it does. Can you send me some background and pricing first?”

Salesperson (thinking that getting a live lead on the phone is all that matters): “It would be better if we could talk for 10 minutes so we can understand what you want to do.  Happy to get you pricing based on what you want to accomplish.  Can you give us 10 minutes at 1:00?”

You: (thinking that they are acting like a total ass and not wanting to waste your time with a product that may not do what you want, that you don’t know if you can afford, from company that responds to an interested prospect with high-pressure sales tactics): “No thanks.”

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