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Abuse of trust

imageDid you ever wonder why so many consumers hate businesses? Often it’s because businesses take advantage of the relationships we have with them.

When I bought a camera from Casio, I was pretty excited about the relationship. I bought several models over the years, convinced many friends to buy one, and blogged about them more than once. I was a fan. I gave them my email because I trusted them.

But to them, I’m just a name in a database — a name to be marketed to. Even if it makes no sense at all — such as these emails that I’ve been getting for keyboards and watches (5 spams in 10 days). Who there thinks that camera buyers want to be spammed about unrelated products?

The point of this post isn’t to pick on Casio, but to ask you to rethink how you protect your customers’ trust. Do you respect them? Do you harass them? Do you have someone on your team to think about this sort of thing? Do you have someone who cares more about protecting your customers more than selling more stuff?

Re-read Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing.

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