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Advertising is the price of being boring

One of the most popular lines in my speeches is “Advertising is the price of being boring.”

It doesn’t mean that advertising is bad. It means that there is a direct relationship between being buzzworthy — earning word of mouth — and how much you’ll have to pay to promote yourself through paid marketing.

Give people a reason to talk about you for free, or you’ll have to buy advertising to get the message out.

Before you launch a product, before you start your business, ask “Would anybody tell a friend about this?”  If not, you better have a huge advertising budget.  Even better, go back to the drawing board and give people a reason to talk.

The Robert Stephens, CEO of Geek Squad, agrees.  Here’s a video of a speech called “Marketing is a Tax You Pay for Being Unremarkable” from last year’s Get Satisfaction conference:

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