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An extraordinary story

It’s a familiar story: I had to change some airplane tickets to get to a funeral.

There’s a surprise twist: JetBlue did it with no hesitation, in 10 minutes — with no fees at all.

There’s a clear lesson: We all know what is the right thing to do, for our customers and our business. It’s usually pretty obvious. And usually what helps the customer is good for the company in the long run. Of course, I’ll be flying JetBlue as much as I can (as will my company).

And we all know how it ends: Companies that figure this out will kick the asses of those that don’t.

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  1. Kate Hayes December 31, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    That is fantastic!! Why haven’t all airlines learned that lesson yet? I had to fly home for my sister’s funeral in May. My husband was flying from another location as he was on a business trip, so it was just me (7 months pregnant) and our two kids trying to get on an early morning standby flight. I’d like to say that Southwest did a stellar job of making everything go as smoothly as possible, but it was actually the worst airport experience of my life. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong (on their end) & no one seemed to have an ounce of compassion for our situation. By the time they had things straightened out, the plane was past its departure time, the kids & I were facing a long day of waiting at the airport, and I was an emotional puddle of tears on the floor. Then I overheard the pilot talking to the gate attendant on their walkie-talkies. Somehow he had found out about our situation and insisted that they put “that family” on the plane! Pilot Roy White was there to give us a hug as we stepped on board. He instructed the flight attendants to take good care of us – which they did. And when we landed – I still can’t get over this one – Pilot Roy (yes, the man who flew the plane) waited for the kids and I to make our way out, grabbed our carry-on bags & walked with us all the way through Lambert St. Louis airport to the baggage claim area where my mom was waiting. I will never forget that pilot’s name, nor will I forget how he took one of the worst moments of my life and made it bearable with his incredible kindness. The baby was born soon afterward (6 weeks early) & life got busy, so I still haven’t properly thanked Mr. White for what he did for us that day. He is a perfect example of how one incredible employee can make up for a bucket of errors and is the ONLY reason my family has continued to fly Southwest Airlines since then. (But I have to say, after reading your post, if I ever have to fly for a funeral again I will probably try Jet Blue first!)

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