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Anatomy of a failure — Every entrepreneur should read this

This might be the most interesting thing that I have read all month.Grasshopper shared the story of how they launched, and closed, a new product line. There is a lesson for every business here.

The Spreadable Story: Why We Shut Down a Business That Was Making Money & Getting New Customers Every Day

imageMany people have asked why we made this decision for what was seemingly a successful, growing application. There is no easy answer but we thought we could help other entrepreneurs by giving you as much information as possible as to why we did it.

We will be releasing the entire post mortem analysis right here on the Grasshopper Group blog and at the end, the case study will be available. Product Manager Mike Arsenault spent the past few weeks putting together a terrific write-up.

See what our vision was, find out what we learned and more importantly, read the mistakes we made.

Here’s the full story. I greatly admire the Spreadable team for sharing this with everyone. And I’m a huge fan of the Grasshopper product.

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