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Announcement: The Word of Mouth Marketing book is out in paperback and eBook today — get a free workbook when you order it

We’re excited to announce that the new edition of Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking is out today. Everything is updated and improved … but it’s still the classic book that will help you master the art of word of mouth.

Bonus for you: If you buy the book from Amazon this week only (April 30 — May 5), I’ll send you a 16-page workbook (PDF) to help you get started. You’ll get new worksheets, more case studies, helpful cheat sheets, and more. To claim your bonus, email a copy of your receipt from or to [email protected].

I also want to send out my thanks to the folks that made it possible:

  • Cale Johnson and Julie Grisham — Their editing, rewriting, and good advice have helped make the book such a pleasure to read.
  • The team at TLC Graphics — Tom, Tami, Monica, and Erin are responsible for the book’s amazing design.
  • Greanleaf Book Group — Their guidance and support throughout the publishing process has been incredible.
  • Tyler DeBoer, James Dalman, Nick Pagano, and Amy Gelfand — They’ve all done so much work to make our websites look and work so well.
  • Diana Finch — She’s helped us take the book abroad and is a big reason why it’s now published in so many languages.
  • And of course, the amazing team at GasPedal who have done such incredible work to make it all happen.
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