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Another native advertising deception

Companies that sell native advertising are telling advertisers that it’s the most effective advertising ever.

But … they are only reporting half the story — that lots of people view and share native advertising.

Native advertising is fundamentally deceptive. Why? Its purpose is to trick people into viewing ads by disguising them as regular content.

What they aren’t reporting:

  • The percentage of people who are tricked or deceived into clicking or sharing.
  • The number of people who are angry at the brand for trying to trick them.
  • The risk of being downgraded by Google for deceptive practices.
  • The risk of prosecution for deceptive ad practices.
  • The cost of lost customers who were fans of your brand who left because you tried to trick them.

Remember, the people selling native ad products want your cash today. They have zero interest in the long-term reputation of your brand.

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