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Are you begging people to hate your brand?

Clockwork orangeI’m stuck in an airplane being forced to watch an ad on the seat-back TV. The off button has been disabled, so I am being held hostage.

So, how do I feel? I hate the the airline for making me watch this junk while I’m trying to work.

Worse, I’m flabbergasted by the ad executive for the brand who thought it would be good for the brand to force people to watch their ads.

We hate the ad, of course, and now we hate the brand too. Who thinks, “If we strap them down and make them watch our ad, those millions of unwanted impressions will add up to something good!” How do you expect to build love for a brand by doing mean things to potential customers?

Maybe this one incident doesn’t kill the brand, but the customer-abusing mindset of the executive will do it eventually.

Everyone who make and buys ads should be forced to watch Clockwork Orange. It doesn’t end well.

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