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Are you giftable?

How would someone give your product as a gift?  What if it was an online service?

I signed up for a Flickr Pro account, and when I was done I saw this message (edited):

Can I buy a gift Pro Account for someone who doesn’t have an account?

Yes! You can give the gift of Flickr to anyone—member or not!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the main Gift page to find out what it’s all about,
  2. Click the big "Buy Now" button
  3. …Choose to either print a PDF Gift Card (to print out and scribble on), or email the gift.

Lesson:  How easy is it for someone to share your stuff?  What if they want to give it as a gift?  Do you even ask?

(More here)

Thanks to Josh Hallett, who told me all about this at BlogHer

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