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Are you insulting your most loyal customers?

We have been using a hosted email server for years now. The company treats us well and gives us great service. We love them, and we’re loyal.

But then we found out that new customers are getting a new version of the product. Much more storage, better features, and lower cost. And it’s been happening for at least six months.

It’s hard not to feel jilted and jealous. Especially because we love them so much.

The company gave us an upgrade as soon as we asked, and they’re upgrading all the other existing customers.

But the bad feelings are still there. They cheated on us (with someone younger and prettier).

Lesson: Take care of your loyal fans first, and make sure you always respect the relationship. They’ve been there for you, and they’ll be there for you. Unless you give them a reason to start looking around.

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