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Are you suddenly getting emails from the companies you never hear from?

If you haven’t emailed me all year, don’t email me now.

Lots of marketers give into the temptation to bomb their email list at the end of the year to crank up sales.

Stupid. They’re like the creepy relative who only shows up at the holidays looking for cash.

My inbox is flooded with emails from companies that I never usually hear from. I’m sure that I bought from them, years ago, and probably gave them permission. So it’s technically not spam.

Permission is a valuable asset. When you get permission to send email, you have an opportunity to build a relationship, to communicate regularly, and to sell. This permission has a monetary value — the lifetime purchases you earn through smart communications.

Email only works with people who are expecting your email. Send it out of the blue, and readers will get annoyed and unsubscribe.

Don’t blow it.

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