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Ask for positive reviews

The best way to get positive reviews: Ask for them.  Most happy customers never think to post a review (but the unhappy ones are eager to trash you).

Send a reminder after each order that asks for a review and provides an easy link. 

Here’s a great example:

Dear Andy Sernovitz,

Thank you for your recent purchase with ANTOnline and Amazon. We also wanted to personally ask you to leave positive feedback for us on Amazon. It is usually only the very unhappy customers who go to the trouble to leave feedback on Amazon, but that only tells a very small part of the story. In the last month alone we had 60,000 + happy customers, but less than 10% left feedback. Please take the time to post positive feedback (4 or 5 rating) for us. It will help us tell our success story.

We value your patronage and hope you will shop with us again soon.

You may leave feedback by visiting the following URL:

Thanks Again,
The Support Team at ANTOnline

I like the email tone and style, but I think they should ask for any feedback – positive or negative.

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