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Ask for testimonials, ask for word of mouth

Getting word of mouth is easy — just ask for it.

When was the last time you asked for a testimonial?  When was the last time you asked a customer to recommend you?

imageAfter every sale, Zappos asks if you’d like to share what you bought with your Facebook friends.  (I bet a lot of companies have wasted a lot of cash on wacky Facebook strategies instead of just asking.)

Twitter did even better.  image

  • Every single page has "share your story" — a request for testimonials.  They will get a gazillion priceless testimonials. 
  • Every single page asks you to put Twitter on your web site.  Countless people will do it, providing exposure and endorsements that paid advertising could never match.

Lesson: Word of mouth strategy #1 = Just ask.


Update: Another Zappos tell-a-friend request from the order confirmation page:


Which takes you to this pop-up:


[contact-form-7 id="27185" title="contact-form 3 TellAFriend-Post"]