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Ask your customers to solve your toughest problems

Most companies instinctively hide their problems.  That’s the wrong answer. 

Open up and ask your customers for help. They already know what’s wrong (often more than you do), and they probably know how to fix it (often better than you).

Example:  Customer support is a challenge for a tech company like Dell with 30 million customers, each with a different setup and knowledge level. So Dell went to their customers and asked them how to solve it.  They put their best ideas on the Ideastorm web site for open, public, customer brainstorming.

Dell blogged about three great ideas that they found:

I’m a big fan of the dedicated teams model.  I’ve been a customer of for more than 10 years, and the Silver Team knows exactly what I need.  The people come and go, but the team still knows me and my many quirks.

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