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Bathroom Blogfest

Did you know that it’s National Kitchen and Bath Month? 

They have created the Bathroom Blogfest. A whole team of 23 great bloggers are writing about bathrooms and customer experience.  In four days, they have 46 inbound links from some very significant and well-trafficked blogs.

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.  It doesn’t matter what you sell, how specialized it is, or how dull it may be.  Every topic is interesting to your customers and industry.

Blogs for boring topics get passionate attention from the people who love and live those topics.

(The Fest seems to be for women bloggers only.  That’s too bad … I have a lot to say on this topic!  Coolest bathroom in the world: The Kohler Art Center.  This is an A+ modern art museum funded by the Kohler family. They invited famous artists to do their bathroom.  Nothing else like it. Look at these.)

(Thanks for the tip to: C.B. Whittmore.)

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