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Be there when they need you most

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For a buzzworthy company, step one isn’t providing great customer service — step one is providing blow-their-minds customer service. One way to do it is to help out your customers when they aren’t expecting it.

Here are three ways to save the day and earn some fans along the way:

1. When they’re caught in the rain
2. When they need a closer look
3. When things don’t go as planned

1. When they’re caught in the rain

First Republic Bank has a reputation for handing out complimentary umbrellas. They give them as gifts to their new customers and to people who come into their banks. But they also hand them out to people caught in the rain. That’s a great impression of customer service and a story about First Republic Bank those people will carry with them. Folks don’t have to be your customers for you to show them an example of your customer service.

2. When they need a closer look

Rite Aid puts magnifying glasses in aisles that are popular with elderly folks who may need help reading the fine print on a product. That’s a message to all of their customers that they pay attention to these kinds of details and care enough to do something about it. (And it’s as simple as putting a magnifying glass in an aisle.) Showing your customers you care about their experience doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, just thoughtful.

3. When things don’t go as planned

No one likes having a canceled or delayed flight. It can especially throw a wrench in your schedule if your shuttle has already dropped you off at the airport or you have to pay to reschedule other transportation. But when you book a shuttle ride with Banff Airporter, they ask for your flight information so they can track flight times. If your plane is delayed, they’ll move you to the next shuttle. There’s a lot of airport transportation options for these travelers, but this service makes Banff Airporter stand out.

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