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Beware the power of consumer feedback

Let me say that I love my wife very much.

We had a "discussion" about the following topic. We "disagreed". So she posted the question to

My husband uses the term "babysit" to refer to
taking care of our own children. Does anyone else think this is really
– Jul 19th, 2007 5:23pm

These are the responses,
within about 45 seconds: 

  • Tell him it is called parenting. Yes, I would find that
  • hate.that.
  • quite
    honestly, get over it. It is not correct but… oh well.. it is just a word
  • yep, that
    would annoy me
  • It annoys me
  • my husband used to
    do this. i gave him so much crap about it that he no longer does. so annoying.
  • yep!
  • Yes! I keep
    telling him ‘You are NOT a babysitter’ to get him to engage the kid.
  • Yes. That’s
    one of the few bits of advice my mom ever gave me when my first child was born.
    Don’t let him think of it as "babysitting."
  • my friend
    hates that. but i’m a stay at home mom and i say i’m "babysitting" whenever he is
    doing something fun or if i’m the designated parent to stay home for whatever
  • Totally ticks
    me off
  • also bad:
    "helping" me
  • we’ve covered
  • Did you try
    telling him he is incapable of babysitting – maybe its a message from him? 
  • yes, I
    intentionally correct him and call it parenting. still, it happens rarely and
    sometimes I get a sitter when he’s here!   
  • I do.   
  • I nipped that
    in the bud the first month. Never said it again.

Lesson learned.

Marketers, remember the classic David Oglivy quote: "The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife."

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