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Complaint Posts: Consumer Advocacy or Blogger Crack?

When bloggers complain about a company (Vonage, Westin) we get great feedback, tons of comments, and lots of attention. It’s ego-building, lots of fun, easy to do, and makes your blog popular.

Fallingdown Readers pour on the positive reinforcement when you make a post like this. I hope that readers want more than gossip and bad news, but one look at popular TV makes me wonder if we all just enjoy a kick in the groin. Or we’re really angry at business, and we love to see someone fight back.

It gets old after a while.  Who wants to read a blog full of complaints and gotchas (unless that is the purpose of your blog.)  Who wants to write one?

Happy feelings, positive vibes, great ideas, usefulness, and inspriration are why I write. I want to help everyone be a little bit better marketer and run a healthier, happier business.

But it’s hard not to take a hit of complaint crack. It’s addictive and a great rush. But like all addictions, the rush of popularity is a short-term thing. It doesn’t last. A great blog has to be useful and fun to read, and complaining never is. Readers will leave a negative conversation.

I still want to fight the good fight, and stick it to the man (when deserved), but I’d rather share something positive.  I promise to write at least 5 ultra-positive blog posts for every negative one.

Bloggers … your thoughts?

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