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Bloggers & Bourbon

image Thanks to Maker’s Mark for providing wonderful bourbon for our blogger meetup in San Francisco

Todd, Bill, and the Maker’s Mark crew know that I love to talk about the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. It’s one of the best word of mouth marketing programs ever done.  Deeply authentic – sign up and try it.

Blogger relations isn’t hard.  You don’t need a fancy blogger outreach strategy, and you definitely don’t want to email them cheesy PR pitches. 

Bloggers are regular people. If you want them to write about you, they have to get to know you.

Just be friendly, introduce yourself, have a party, and start a conversation (and a little whisky always makes a better conversation).

Thanks also to Chris Heuer and Kristy Wells for organizing the meetup, and the San Francisco AMA for underwriting the drinks.

Watch the fantastic prize award ceremony:

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