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BlogWell aha! #3: Social media strategy from Megan Parker and Sean Gannon of GE

Come to BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media on June 23 in San Francisco where you'll hear Dell, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Intuit, SAP, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, and Pepsi share case studies on how to create a fantastic social media program.

You'll learn how to get started, get past roadblocks, and make your social media program phenomenal — and you'll see some brilliant presentations like this one from BlogWell New York:

Megan Parker and Sean Gannon's big idea: "Even the biggest and most diverse brands can use social media to connect with individual fans"

In their presentation, Sean and Megan talk about how, at times, the best and most effective way to tell your story is to take it straight to the people who care. GE launched in October 2008, that, in just a few short months, has seen great success and learned valuable lessons in engaging with those people who are actively interested in the happenings at GE.

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