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BlogWell Chicago, Jan. 22: Blogging Success Stories from Home Depot, Mayo Clinic, H&R Block, Sharpie, US Coast Guard, Allstate, Walmart, and Procter & Gamble

On January 22, my company is hosting a major event in Chicago about corporate blogging and social media. It's called BlogWell and we're featuring eight global brands sharing case studies on how they participate in social media.

BlogWell is the only
conference where social media executives from large companies come
together to share their case studies, offer practical how-to advice and
answer your questions.

Of course, it wouldn't be a GasPedal event if we didn't include word of mouth tools and strategies to help promote the conference. Tell your friends, share the event on your own blog, or read testimonials from other happy attendees.

Here are the eight global brands scheduled to speak:

Allstate, Lizzie Schreier


H&R Block, Paula Drum

Mayo Clinic, Lee Aase

Procter & Gamble

Sharpie, Susan Wassel & Daggett Harvey


The Home Depot, Nick Ayres and Anne Manning


US Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Mary Landry

Walmart, Jessica Fredrickson & Suraya Bliss

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