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Breaking news: The community rises up to bust a Facebook scam

Blogger Brad J. Ward of discovered that is using fake identities, shills, and other sleazy tactics to create hundreds of Facebook groups meant to deceive students and cash in on university brand names.

Read his extraordinary investigation here.

I love this!  Especially wonderful is how the community has rallied to help with the investigation, spread the word, and out the scum.


  1. Lying about your identity is unethical.  There is no gray area.
  2. You will always get busted. One truth about word of mouth is that the truth always rises to the surface.
  3. Your reputation will be permanently damaged.  The community that you were trying to deceive will smack you upside the head.

Learn more about social media ethics from the Blog Council and WOMMA.

Brad and friends – extraordinary work.  Nicely done.

Spread the word – share this story.

(Thanks for the tip,

Nick Scarpino)

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