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Contest: Free Wine for Great WOM

The cool folks at Purple Wine sent me 12 bottles of Avalon and Capolan.  Good stuff!

So I’m having a fancy and sophisticated contest: Free Wine for Great Word of Mouth.

What to do:

  1. Send me stories of great word of mouth. Use this form or comment on this post.
  2. I will pick my favorites and send you a free bottle of wine.
  3. I’ll blog about you and tell everyone how great you are.
  4. Maybe you blog about me too?

Clue: I like stories about fun, honest, free, real word of mouth.  Big fancy corporate stuff is less interesting.


Disclaimer: This is just for fun. No money is changing hands. I’m the sole judge and will be totally arbitrary about it. If I can’t send you wine, because you’re under 21 or some other legal reason, I’ll send you something else instead. Contest ends when the wine is gone.

Email to a friend:

Privacy: We won't save or reuse these emails.


  1. Gustavo Blanco July 5, 2007 at 7:26 pm #

    To promote the new Toyota Auris, OgilvyOne from Athens created an online campaign in witch different bloggers had a test drive for an hole week. All their opinions, photos and videos were posted in Aurisblog, the campaign blog at the same time as in their own blogs. They also gave cameras to the chosen bloggers so they could register everything with an high-quality devices.
    At the same time an online banner was created. The banner was targeted to the general public and it was offering a weekend in a 4 star hotel with an Auris to drive them around.
    The campaign duration was 10 days. 85 bloggers tried to participate and 15 were chosen. 55 posts were written and commented 175 times. The Aurisblog had 51 thousand visits and 42 thousand were unique visitors. 2 thousand test-drives were requested through the campaign witch represents 50% of all the different communication channels including telemarketing, point-of-sale, events and other promotions.
    It’s time to say: Let consumers speak for themselves!
    See it here

  2. Debi Schaefer July 9, 2007 at 2:02 pm #

    I created a campaign for a Virginia Winery, that needed to project good will and some old fashioned warm and fuzzy PR amongst the locals to stir up their interest in the winery. I developed Wine on Wednesday, or WOW, an after work social event held at the winery that also benefited a local charity by giving 1/2 of the admission price directly to the charity. The first year was a great success and now four years later, the locals are constantly asking when the next WOW is! The name of the event says it all and everyone knows what the event is. No big advertising budget, just flyers, posters and word of mouth around town helped to create this into one very exciting success story.

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