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Contest: Free Wine for Great WOM

The cool folks at Purple Wine sent me 12 bottles of Avalon and Capolan.  Good stuff!

So I’m having a fancy and sophisticated contest: Free Wine for Great Word of Mouth.

What to do:

  1. Send me stories of great word of mouth. Use this form or comment on this post.
  2. I will pick my favorites and send you a free bottle of wine.
  3. I’ll blog about you and tell everyone how great you are.
  4. Maybe you blog about me too?

Clue: I like stories about fun, honest, free, real word of mouth.  Big fancy corporate stuff is less interesting.


Disclaimer: This is just for fun. No money is changing hands. I’m the sole judge and will be totally arbitrary about it. If I can’t send you wine, because you’re under 21 or some other legal reason, I’ll send you something else instead. Contest ends when the wine is gone.

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