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David Ogilvy

image I am a businessperson and a marketer because I stumbled on a a copy of Ogilvy on Advertising when I was 13. My dad had it in his briefcase on a family car trip. I devoured it, reading again and again. (It also has 3 naked breasts in it. I'm sure that mattered at the time.) 

It should be handed to every entrepreneur on earth. 25 years later, it still influences every word I write.

image So I was thrilled to hear that the first biography of David Ogilvy has been written, by Kenneth Roman. The book is called "The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising" and it's a great read.

You'll love the great Ogilvy stories, and the classic advice that is still helpful. It's also the story of how the advertising business grew up, and it's fascinating. This was an industry full of high-personality statesmen who valued results, ethics, and quality work. I wish we were still having these conversations today.

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