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Deception in action: Reeds Jewlers and PayPerPost

PayPerPost is a sleazy company that pays bloggers to write fake endorsements.  PayPerPost are the spammers of the blogosphere.  (Background here.)

There is a ton of controversy around this method.  PPP claims that their bloggers all fully disclose that they are paid for the ads.  Not true.  If it happens, is so buried or fudged that it just doesn’t count. Result: Free and honest conversation is buried under shameless deception-for-money.  I’ve asked the FTC to investigate PPP and asked venture capitalist Draper Fisher how they could dare fund such an evil company.

Whatever your position on the ethics/legality of PPP, other thing is clear:  It is embarrassing to the advertiser and deceptive to consumers.  Take a look at it in action:

Reeds Jewelers is a reputable jewelery site that was dumb enough to pay PayPerPost to pay liars for them. Look at these fake blog posts:


A Filipina friend is fixing to go visit her family in the Philippines next month and I asked her already if she can carry a gift for my Grandmother who is celebrating her birthday soon. I am thinking to get her a jewelry because I found some really good pieces at Reeds jewelers. They have all kind, types, brand, materials of jewelry that you can think of. So why not check their website and browse their huge selection and pick your favorite today. Have fun shopping !   


Who does not just love to get nice jewelry. And there are just so many great sites these days that sell that quality jewelry at an affordable price. The site Reeds is very nice. I found it to be very user friendly and had no problem looking and searching for different items. If you are planning on getting someone jewelry for the holidays or just for any occasion then check out this site…they have nice items.


My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I’m looking for a great gift for her. I’m thinking to offer her a beautiful jewel, a ring or a pendant, but, where to buy it? Throughout the internet there are numerous jewelry online stores, but I found one that has extraordinary jewels named website. Here I found great collections and exclusive jewelries. If you are looking for a jewel, so, advice you to visit this online store.

You get the idea.

Reeds … are you really that desperate that this is how you want to be seen?  Blatant shilling and fake endorsements by people who have never seen your products?  Does this fit into your brand message?  You should be embarrassed. 

Warning: Hiring PayPerPost is a great way to destroy your brand, encourage the wrath of honest blogs, and get fired when your boss figures out what you did.

Lesson:  Paying people to lie for you is lying. And bad marketing.

P.S. The scum at PayPerPost will probably write several blog posts attacking me for writing this. They have no shame and don’t hesitate to use deception to hide their true story. They also have a bunch of pet bloggers who will also repeat the attacks, presumably because they are being paid to do it.

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