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Dell’s video case study: How we’re working to blend community and e-commerce

BlogWell - How Big Companies Use Social Media - Minneapolis - August 13

Come to BlogWell: How
Big Brands Use Social Media
on August 13 in Minneapolis — hosted by General
Mills — where you'll hear McDonald's, Mayo Clinic, H&R Block, CME Group, General Mills,
Ford, Progressive, and Walmart share case studies on how to create a fantastic
social media program.

You'll learn how to get started, get past roadblocks, and make your social media program phenomenal — and you'll see some brilliant presentations like this one from BlogWell San Francisco:

Lionel Menchaca's big idea: "Most customers don't know the difference between a blog, a forum, or a wiki — and they shouldn't have to."

In Lionel's presentation, he shares a bunch of insights on how Dell is merging all of their forums, blogs, and wikis to a single platform, how they're working to syndicate social media content across more of their corporate site, and how they're preparing as the lines between community and commerce continue to blur.

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