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Dirty Dishes

DISH Network is hiring sleazebags to use fake names to post spam comments to blogs. Illegal, unethical, and pathetically amateur.

New comment on your post “Great Example of Customer Service via Twitter: Verizon”

Author : Andrew (IP: ,
E-mail : [email protected]
Whois :


Even though I work for a competitor—DISH Network—this is nice to hear. You wouldn’t believe the number of horror stories about our competitors I hear from their former customers who are now with DISH. And even though it’s good for us, I would much rather gain customers because we have lower prices and incredible DVR’s, as well as great plans like HD free for life etc. Too often people only make the switch because they’re completely disgusted with their current provider. And to me that’s a shame, I don’t understand why more companies don’t try harder to provide great customer service. And while I can’t say DISH is perfect (I mean who is?) I do see the continuous focus as we strive to ensure the best possible customer experience.

That IP address is from DISH Network’s Colorado headquarters. This is an officially sanctioned program.

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