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Disclosure and transparency just got easier

image At the Blog Council we are pushing the disclosure discussion to the top of the agenda by releasing a Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit

Our goal: Every company creates a disclosure policy, and every employee knows that disclosure is never optional. 

Open disclosure and transparency is the foundation of honest and effective social media participation by businesses.  Every company needs to address how they interact with the social media community, and make openness the primary principle. 

These are really simple concepts in theory — but it’s really hard to implement a sensible, effective policy that helps every employee at a company know what to do. 

We put together a few checklists to help with the big questions: How to correctly identify corporate employees and messages, the difference between personal and business posting, holding agencies accountable, and other key blogger-relations questions. 

This is just a start, the seed of a conversation. 

You have to take this and make it your own. 

Your job:  Comment, change it, create your own, and share it. 

Add your voice here.

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