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Do you trust this guy?

A salesman from a Fortune 500 financial services company sent me this email. Does it inspire trust? Would you let them handle your money?

Subject: We want you back at ____, we can give you $300 or $500 CASH BACK!!!
Hi there,
It’s been awhile and I wanted to reach out to you to see how things were. It is a new tax quarter and the perfect time to switch.  We will give you Either $300 or $500 CASH BACK just for resigning with us.  Plus we put the max discount onto your account that will stay on for the life of the account!
Lets talk. Do mornings or afternoons work best?  Contact me directly for your account to have this cash back promotion.
Best Regards,


Lesson 1: Design drives credibility. Credibility drives sales.

Lesson 2: It only takes a few untrained salespeople to destroy a national brand.

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