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Don’t embarrass your customer

IMG_1313 IMG_1312 Customers who order gifts are a double-selling opportunity. You can turn the recipient into a customer, while earning repeat business from the sender.

Don’t blow it by embarrassing your customer.

Pet peeve: When a mail-order company delivers a gift and doesn’t include a proper thank-you card.

We send a lot of food gifts to customers. Often we’ll discover that the customer never knew who the gift was from, because the vendor buried the gift note in a receipt instead of a proper gift card.

Worst example ever: Someone spent $50+ to send us a gift, and the vendor just crammed the note on the UPS label.

The whole point of a sending a gift is to show that you were thinking of someone — failing to include a proper note makes it look like you’re just going through the motions.

How does this sort of thing happen? When a company is more concerned about the efficiency of their production process than the well-being of their customers.

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