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Don’t let the conversations end when the campaign’s over

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While one-off campaigns can be great for starting conversations, they can lose momentum quickly.

Cards Against Humanity had such a promotion over the holidays. They told their fans they could pay whatever they wanted (even nothing) for the holiday edition of the game. That got a lot of people talking.

But instead of letting the conversation stop after the holidays, Cards Against Humanity sent out a hilarious infographic that gave the details of the promotion. They showed everyone how much it cost them, how much they earned, and the average price the 85,000 participants decided to pay (even by state). Then they announced that they would be giving their $70,066.27 in profits to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia.

Cards Against Humanity

That reenergized the conversation they had already started and helped their fans feel like they were a part of something bigger, together.

What can you do to keep people talking about the cool stuff you do?

A donation to Wikimedia from Max Temkin on Vimeo.

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