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Don’t let your company embarrass you

For some inconceivably stupid reason, my pharmacy (a national chain) is telemarketing current customers with an auto-dialer with a message about “getting ready for allergy season.” It’s an amazingly efficient way to turn happy customers into angry enemies.

They’ve called me four times, and four times I called my store to get off the list. And I get angrier each time.

Each time I talk to a highly-trained pharmacist with an advanced degree and professional skill — who is now spending their day taking calls from angry customers about telemarketing spam.

And all four pharmacists said to me, “It’s the company — there’s nothing I can do.”

What a sad attitude.

Call your boss and tell them that you will not let the company embarrass you or itself.

You can take a stand and fight to make things better at your company.

You can have some pride in what you do and where you work.

Or you can give up, and accept that work is going to suck.

It’s up to you.

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