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Don’t put me on hold — on Facebook

If I walk into your store, you’ll help me right away.

If I call, I may have to wait a bit, but someone will talk to me.

The faster you respond, the happier the customer. (And if you put them on hold, you piss them off.)

So why are you putting your Facebook customers on hold? Do you respond right away? Do you answer a Facebook question as fast as you answer a telephone question?

It’s all just customer service. Help customers as fast as you can, in whatever medium the customer chooses to contact you. Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean that customer expectations of prompt service are any less.

Here are 16 Brands Leading the Way with Exemplary Social Media Customer Service from Ignite Social Media. Take a look at the brands with the fastest Facebook response time:

Fastest Facebool response time

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