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Don’t tolerate the scam artists

I bet you’ve seen this kind of scam before: An advertisement in the mail that is designed to look like a bill.

It’s the worst kind of scummery because companies like this base their entire business on lying to people. They plan on the receptionist opening the mail, assuming it’s a real bill, and forwarding it to the accountant to pay. (Sometimes they say “this is not a bill” in fine print, but it doesn’t count. The intent is to deceive.)

The rest of this ad from “Yellow Pages, Inc.” is just as sleazy — full of copy designed to make you think it’s from your local phone company.

When you get crap like this, please do fax it to your state attorney general’s office. It takes a lot of complaints to start an investigation. Every time you say something, you’re protecting another business from getting victimized.

(This particular company got busted in 2006, but they are still at it.)

yellow pages scam

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