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Eddie’s Shoeshine

In my book I tell the story of Eddie’s Shoeshine in Grand Central Station.

I met super-blogger Stephanie Cockerl at BlogHer last month. She has a great blog called Shop By Subway, about New York Shopping, and does smart consulting at NextSteph.

Stephanie asked me to write a guest review of Eddie’s for her.  Here is it:

There are a thousand shoe shine stands in New York City, but you’ll
walk thousand mile in your scuffy shoes to get to Eddie’s. Why? The
most perfect soft, cushy red leather chairs.

You climb up, you sink in, and you have the most perfect 5 minutes of peace and relaxation.  It’s perfect end to a New York day.

My wife gets her mini-massage at the nail salon, I get my shine at Eddie’s.

Oh, yeah …it’s a perfect mirror shine. It makes me walk around talking like a toddler —  “Look! Shiny! Pretty!”

Read the original post here.

Thanks, Steph!

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