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Etsy: Truly wonderful, personal stuff

I just discovered Etsy.  It’s a marketplace for handmade crafts.  A really big one.  I recommend that you buy all of your holiday gifts there.

But here’s what really blew my mind:

Nearly everything I ordered came with beautiful, personalized, hand-made packaging.  And personalized thank you notes. 

Best of all, these sellers always included a little extra something to get customers to talk to a friend, such as a postcard, magnet, or sharable gift.

This should be an eye-opener to the many eBay sellers who just toss the product in an (often pre-used) box.

The moment someone opens your package is a magical word of mouth moment.  The customer is excited to open their long-awaited order.  Surprise them, entertain them, and put something in their hands that they just have to show a friend.  You’ve already paid for the postage, so add something specifically designed to generate word of mouth, such as coupons to share, an extra catalog, or a fun doodad.

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