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Every review is local

Here’s a great lesson on the power of a great review — and a reminder that the local word of mouth about a single employee might matter more than the collective reviews and reputation of a global brand.

From Michael Eden, who managers our local Chase branch, to his team:

From: Eden, Michael D
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011
Subject: Review of Sarah On Google


What a great review!

Sarah got a call from a client today that was inquiring about accounts, and when she introduced herself to him he commented that he had read a great review of her on Google. He then set an appointment with her at our branch for 2pm today. (PS Sometimes there are donuts!)

The fact is that in today’s social networking world Google and other sites are playing a large role how our public reputation is communicated and like it or not we are all individually subject to very public reviews of the customer service that we provide.

The key takeaway is that this review is local. Regardless of the strength our firm’s reputation we are judged by the service we provide to our local clients.

A parting thought!

“Character is what you are. Reputation is what others think you are.” —- Lucian Truscott

Congratulations again Sarah!

Lesson: Is everyone on your team thinking about how they earn a positive review? Or just the marketing team?

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