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Everyone likes Pie — Word of Mouth for Small Business

Bill Kerschbaum shares a great example of the best kind of word of mouth marketing for small business — straightforward, inexpensive, and light-hearted:

I’m a freelance technical writer, and some of my clients are engineers (naturally). So, for Pi Day (3/14 = 3.14) I’m hand delivering them a pie from a local bakery. Not only that, but I’ve written up a gorgeous Pi Day Quick Reference Guide – a one-sheet how-to for celebrating Pi Day. Like I said, I’m a tech writer. How can I NOT create a user guide??

I’ll also be blogging and tweeting about it, so that I can share the reference guide as an infographic that readers can embed on their own blogs. And I’ve created the hashtag #HowToDoPiDay so people can follow along and tweet about how they’re celebrating Pi Day. 

I have no idea how it’ll go … but if nothing else, my clients feel loved and they get a great surprise. And all for under $100.00.

The Lesson: Try something like this every month. You’ll make a lot of people happy and new clients will follow.

Pi Day Quick Reference Guide web
Courtesy of: Intext Writing
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