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Exclusive: Guy Kawasaki’s new speech (Scoop? Truemor?)

Guy and I were the co-keynotes for Silicon Valley AMA lunch.  It was a great event full of smart and charming people.

If you’ve seen Guy talk you know he’s great.  You also may have seen version of the speech more than once. Not anymore!  Guy treated us to a new presentation that was fantastic. 

Topic:  How he started his new company Truemors for $12,107.09.  A great tale for all you web 2.0 entrepreneurs and a warning to anyone looking for venture cash.  It’s going to be hard to ask for $5 million if your VC can do it himself for less than $20,000.

I’ve got the powerpoint here. As far as I know, nobody else has seen this yet.  I also had a videographer with me, so there may be clips posted in a few days.  Watch via SlideShare (thanks, John Moore):

My favorite slide: Jargon!


Go play with Truemors – it’s a fascitating combo of social bookmarking, word of mouth, and just plain fun.

Special thanks to the SV AMA for putting this together – especially Robert Jacobs for all of his hard work.


Here’s what the crowd looked like:

All in all, a great event!

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