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Explain to your boss why you risked the company’s reputation with an illegal stealth marketing campaign

TechCrunch has outed Reverb Communication for posting fake reviews for iPhone Apps. They sell a service where their PR clients pay them to post fake reviews in the App Store. Apple should ban both Reverb and all their clients for one year. TechCrunch should win an award for continued excellence in uncovering sleaze.

Remember, paying for fake reviews is not an intellectual debate between social media experts. It is clearly, completely illegal and has been for decades. 

If your social media expert is advising you to try a few "sponsored conversations" without mentioning that  the NY Attorney General just fined a company $300,000 for it, you should fire them on the spot. (And "disclosure" doesn't make it OK. It's still illegal to pay for fake reviews.)

If you post fake reviews (or hire someone to do it for you), remember this:

  1. It is a crime
  2. You will get caught
  3. You will humiliate your company
  4. You will be forever known as a cheater and a liar

Do you want to explain to your boss why you risked the company's reputation with an illegal stealth marketing campaign?

Why go there?

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