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Feed it forward: Get $10 free

clip_image001 Here’s a great example of a promotion that has a built-in viral word of mouth engine. will let you send a free $10 gift certificate to 3 friends each day from Nov. 26 to Dec. 25.  (Yes, there are real $10 good-as-cash gift certificates.)

Here’s why it’s great word of mouth:

  1. It’s about sharing. People don’t respond to ads, but they like to help their friends.
  2. The sharer looks good. Your friends will be happy when you send them ten bucks.
  3. It has a viral engine. When you receive the gift, you’ll want to send it to your friends–creating a growing spread of referrals.

(In case you’re wondering how it works, restaurants provide the discounts to get more business.)

How can you give your customers a reason to tell 3 friends about you?

Send your friend $10 here.

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