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Focus Time!

We have an important tradition in our company: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at our company is Focus Time.

Focus Time is for all that work you’ve planned, to cross the things off your list, and have an extended-concentration/get into the zone period.

Here are the rules:

Your goal is to avoid interrupting (and interruptions from) co-workers. Obviously, do so if something has to be addressed that minute — but not meetings, no chit-chat, nothing that’s not an emergency.

And by “emergency,” that doesn’t mean you need someone’s input to work on your stuff. Plan ahead and have everything you need to be productive. (Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.)

You can’t

  • ask anyone anything
  • just drop by for a second
  • just ask a quick question
  • Skype or call them
  • disturb them in any way
  • have an email back-and-forth with another co-worker

You don’t have to

  • reply to anyone’s email
  • answer the phone
  • even when customers call

You can

  • tell people to leave you alone
  • send emails to other staff and assume that they will not read or answer it until later
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