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Free Live Webinar: Guerilla Marketing Association August 22

Hear me doing a free live interview with Roger Parker of the Guerilla Marketing Association. This is a rare no-cost appearance, so tune in!

Build Your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing

In today’s connected world, word of mouth marketing can outperform big-budget advertising. Find
out how to profit from the power of word of mouth marketing when Roger
C. Parker interviews Andy Sernovitz on the next Guerrilla Marketing
Association Expert Interview call.

Attend this Guerrilla Marketing Association expert interview, and
you’ll gain an entirely new perspective on word of mouth marketing.
You’ll learn:

  • Essential concepts, including the 6 Big Ideas
  • How to do it, including the 5 T’s needed to implement a word of mouth marketing program
  • 16 additional Sure-Thing, Must-Do, Awfully Easy Word of Mouth marketing techniques

Full registration details are here.

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