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Free movies: Screenings of Food, Inc. Sponsorship is more than a logo.

The new movie Food, Inc. is getting a lot of attention with its focus on problems with our food supply.  Healthy food brands like Chipotle and Stonyfield are promoting the film.

But word of mouth needs an action item. We need something that causes us to grab a friend and say, "Hey, I want to tell you about this."  A corporate sponsorship rarely does that.

Chipotle is funding free screenings of the movie across the country.  That's a great promotion, because it gets people passionate about the cause to reach out to their friends, to bring them to a movie … and to spend time on the Chipotle web site.

Lesson: Sponsorship is not just your logo. It needs to be a reason for people to connect with you and talk about you.

Click here for free screenings in your city.


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